Video: The Oldest Matzoh Factory on the Lower East Side

by Younjoo Sang, Lucia De Stefani, and Carly Marsh

Passover is coming soon, and what’s Passover without Matzoh?

Streit’s Matzos Company, one of the oldest factories in Manhattan, has been producing Passover Matzoh since September of last year until two to three weeks before Passover. Since Passover takes place at a different time each year, so does the baking of Matzoh.

Passover Matzoh is produced under very strict guidelines: it is only made with water and flour, and the rabbi has to overlook the machines and makes sure that the Matzoh is kosher, and produced in exactly 18 minutes, because that is the amount of time that the dough will not rise and remain unleavened. Longer than 18 minutes, the dough has a chemical reaction making it unfit for Matzoh.


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