Far Rockaway Gives the A Train an “F”

How does transportation affects people's life in Far Rockaway?

For years, residents of Far Rockaway have been disappointed in the performance of a train, the only subway line connecting far Rockaway with the rest of New York City. The a train goes from 207th street in Manhattan to Far Rockaway–Mott Avenue in Queens. Residents and commuters from Far Rockaway often complain about the unreliability of a train service, caused by signaling problems, which create inevitable delays in its schedule.


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  1. E gallagher  March 3, 2018 at 6:18 pm

    Governor como talks is bringing Kennedy and laugarda airports in to the 21 century how about bringing train service on the A line in to 21 century the shuttle train at broad channel is the worst part of my day end the shuttle bring the A train in to Rockawayprk full time END THE SHUTTLE NOW. Nobody cares about rockaway


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