Far Rockaway Gives the A Train an “F”

Far Rockaway Residents are disappointed in the only subway line connecting them to the city.

For years, residents of Far Rockaway have been disappointed in the performance of a train, the only subway line connecting far Rockaway with the rest of New York City. The a train goes from 207th street in Manhattan to Far Rockaway–Mott Avenue in Queens. Residents and commuters from Far Rockaway often complain about the unreliability of a train service, caused by signaling problems, which create inevitable delays in its schedule.


One Response to "Far Rockaway Gives the A Train an “F”"

  1. E gallagher  March 3, 2018 at 6:18 pm

    Governor como talks is bringing Kennedy and laugarda airports in to the 21 century how about bringing train service on the A line in to 21 century the shuttle train at broad channel is the worst part of my day end the shuttle bring the A train in to Rockawayprk full time END THE SHUTTLE NOW. Nobody cares about rockaway


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