Map: One City, Many Stories

by Joanna PlucinskaStav Ziv,  Marion Halftermeyer,  Shwanika Narayan,  Annie Wu,  Lucia De Stefani,  Trevor Anderson,  Sybile Penhirin,  Louise Dewast , and 

Being on the edge is not always visible, but the numbers do tell a polarized story. Using data from the American Community Survey, we broke down demographics, median rent and median annual income by census tract. It paints a picture of a diverse city, but also a profoundly unequal one. The median rents range from a couple hundred dollars a month in the Bronx, to over $2,000 in Manhattan. While some census tracts in Staten Island have median annual incomes of over $250,000, others are closer to $25,000. The data also shows how these incomes relate to the demographics of the city, showing some of the complexities of who in the city is struggling.

Click each census tract to see a breakdown of the data for that census tract.

MEDIAN RENT $0 – $499$500 – $999$1,000 – $1,499$1,500 – $1,999> $2,000

Source: U.S. Census Bureau


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