Pillow Fight New York City-Style

Thousands descend on Washington Square Park armed with pillows to take swings at each other.

An estimated 5,000 people descended onto Washington Square Park on April 4th, armed with pillows of every shape, firmness and size to take part in a massive pillow fight.

It was the 7th time the event organized by Newmindspace took place and many on this sunny spring afternoon seemed to enjoy the opportunity to take a swing or a whack at a complete stranger. The indie rock group, Episode, who dressed as pillow ninja monsters, even took advantage of the moment to film their latest music video during the fight.

The participants had the option of donating their pillows to charity at the end. According to the organizer, hundreds were collected and later distributed to shelters in the Bronx and Harlem.

Pillow Fight from NY CITY Lens on Vimeo.


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