Alexandria Bordas

Alexandria Bordas

Alexandria loves double-stuffed Oreos, live music in the forest, and organic meet-ups. She only used Tinder once—in Austin—where she received an inordinate amount of unsolicited photos. She also tried Coffee Meets Bagel. After three dates with Logan, he told her he was more into Geishas. She has sworn off apps ever since.


Anya Chapman

Anya likes cats and dancing. She hopes to find a love similar to the one portrayed in “The Notebook.” When Anya goes on a date, she expects a man to possess all of the qualities of an 18th-century knight. She resides in Manhattan and is still waiting for her soulmate.

Keenan Chen

Keenan Chen

Keenan Chen
Keenan was once described as the best wingman the world has ever seen. He is looking for his Liz Lemon.

Natasha Frost

Natasha Frost

Natasha Frost
Natasha is allergic to all forms of online dating, with a particular dislike for anything that requires you to swipe left or right. (She struggles to remember which direction is which.) An app that matches people and dogs, however… well, a girl can dream!

Cale Holmes

Cale Holmes

Cale Holmes
Cale’s ideal date is enjoying the theatre, soaking up the sun by the beach, dancing salsa and merengue, admiring John Coltrane over margaritas, cooking a delicious treat, and deconstructing the message of music and comic series favorites with that special someone. He is currently single with a Master’s degree!

Allison LauAllison Lau
Allison is chipping away at her lifetime goal of being a sugar mama. She enjoys short walks on the beach due to her dislike of hot and cold sand. Prior to attending grad school, she had been described by several dates as a great conversationalist with a dazzling smile.

Danish MehboobDanish Mehboob
Single, single, and ready to mingle. If you’re interested keep swiping left until you see a tall brown man with glasses then swipe right! He has an accent like Hugh Grant.

Katryna PereiraKatryna Perera
Katryna is a self-described onion—meaning you have to slowly pull back the layers in order to know the true her. And that just wasn’t flying on dating apps so she recently said sayonara to all of them. She has now placed her faith in the universe and hopes that soon someone will unexpectedly enter her life to pull back those layers.Don’t worry though, Katryna doesn’t come with the side effect of stinging, watery eyes,  just lots of smiles.

Patrick RalphPat Ralph
Pat was once a contestant on The Bachelorette and Parental Control. But over the last year, he has been scooped off the market by his girlfriend, Courtney, who he met in college at Villanova.

Preeti SinghPreeti Singh
Preeti always liked the bad ones and after a few heartbreaks she found love and happiness—in an arranged marriage! The good thing about an arranged match: you can always blame your parents if it goes south!!

Belen SmoleBelen Smole
Sorry to be the one to break the bad news, but Belen is off the market. This Argentinian goddess met her boyfriend using the online dating app, Tinder (check out their story on the site).

Quincey TrigilloQuincey Trigillo
Quincey was once told by an ex that she was “undateable”—without further explanation. This caused her to wonder if she was smart enough or dumb enough or thin enough or thick enough or kind enough or rude enough or cultured enough or curious enough or strong enough or meek enough or outspoken enough or coy enough. And which combination of all of these things should be enough? She has… had enough. 

Elizabeth VanMetreElizabeth VanMetre
Elizabeth is just waiting for the guy to make her one less lonely girl. She loves a solid snack and being told she’s pretty. She has no clue what she’s looking for but will settle for a billionaire movie star. If you fit the bill slide into her DMs—@ElizabethRoseVM on Twitter.

Courtney VinopalCourtney Vinopal
Courtney believes that Jean-Paul Sartre said it best: “Hell is other people.” Particularly when those other people are the legions of men who have disappointed her over the years.

Zhiming ZhangZhiming Zhang
Thanks to all his ex-girlfriends, Zhiming (AKA “Steven” to most of his American friends) knows how to love his girlfriend well now. One of his mottos is to treat others how you want to be treated. In other words, he believes that he needs to love others if he wants to be loved by them.


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