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There’s nothing like kicking back, baiting up and enjoying a little fishing on a nice day. Just ask George Hayes, who has been fishing in Prospect Park since 1963. The Brooklyn native has seen the park at its best and at its worse. He says there was a time that he wouldn’t even enter the park because he feared he might get mugged. But once the park started to clean up, he was hooked again. But now there’s a new threat that may push him away from the place where he finds solitude—the rising rent prices in Prospect Lefferts Gardens.

[caption id="attachment_13756" align="alignnone" width="600"] Graffiti, peeling paint and cracked walls are visible at the Bay Parkway train  station on the N Line in Brooklyn, NY. Photo: Sneha Antony.[/caption] Colorful graffiti have taken over parapet walls of the above-ground stations from 8th Avenue to 86th Street in Brooklyn on the Coney Island-bound N Line. Peeling paint and layers of green mold compete for attention. Rain falls through cracked ceilings onto commuters’ heads at the Kings Highway station, located seven stops past 8th Avenue station in southwest Brooklyn. Community Board 10 District Manager Josephine Beckmann called the conditions at the stations “deplorable.” “Some of the

[caption id="attachment_13744" align="alignright" width="502"] Volunteer clinician Mylinh Ha examines John Son Go's eyes at Academy of Medical and Public Health Services in Sunset Park in Brooklyn, NY. Photo: Maria Chiu[/caption] Once a month, a door opens on Third Avenue in Brooklyn’s Sunset Park. It is easy to pass by without taking notice, but for the people who do walk in, they find services that are hard to come by. The open door leads to Academy of Medical and Public Health Services, a non-profit organization that provides free health screenings for underserved communities and a safe-haven for those who have fallen through the

Celestina Ford spent Tuesday morning, Sep. 8, dropping her kids off for their first day back at school. Then she drove herself to school. With her kids settled, Ford can now spend the next four-and-a-half hours, worry-free, focusing on her own pursuits: her education. “If you want to further your education, don’t let kids hold you back,” she said. Ford, 40, is a part-time student at Hair Design Institute, nestled in the heart of the busy business district on 86th Street, in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. She is one of 150 students enrolled in the cosmetology training program, learning skills such as cutting, styling