Snow Day in St. Nicholas Park

Winter storm Juno brought a day of joyful sledding and snowboarding for Harlem residents.

Cops and Citizens: A New York Conversation

NY City Lens reporters asked New Yorkers what might be done to ease tensions and help heal a rift between the police and their city.

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How Yang Met Juno, and New York

A first time visitor from China arrived just as the big storm hit. Here’s how she made her way.

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After 35 Years, the Etan Patz Case Opens in Court

Prosecutors point to the defendant’s confession as indisputable, while the defense argues he’s too mentally ill to be credible.

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Trying to Bridge the Cop-Citizen Gap

Tenants and police officials meet to look for ways to better connect.

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In Central Park, Juno Was a Lot of Fun

Juno came and went, albeit briefly, but New Yorkers, including a group of ballet dancers, seized the moment to enjoy the snow in Central Park.

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Blood Banks Need Blood After Near-Blizzard

A blood drive for New York Blood Center parked at 124th Street and 5th Avenue. (Jaclyn Peiser/NYCity Lens)

Winter storm Juno forced cancellations of blood drives, triggering shortages. The city is scrambling to make up for the loss.

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Blizzard Slows Down City Golf Courses

Doug Johnstone and his dog Skye at the Silver Lake Golf Course in Staten Island.

The cold doesn’t deter the faithful from swinging their clubs. But the flakes shut things down.

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