Struggling in the City

Reporters for NYCity Lens visited sites of struggle – a food pantry in Harlem, a park in Washington Heights, a job center in the Bronx, and others – to meet New Yorkers living through these difficult realities. New York City’s poverty rate has stayed at 21.4 percent for 2011 and 2012, according to the latest […]

Lens on New Yorkers

NY City Lens profiles New Yorkers, showcasing all their diversity.

On the Edge: New Yorkers Struggle to Make Ends Meet

In a special report, NY City Lens explores rising economic inequality.

VIDEO: The League of Kitchens

Learning home-style international cuisine with immigrant home cooks.

Recent News


Harassment in the Streets: What Can a Woman Do?

Women share their stories about catcalling, and offer some possible remedies.

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Black Entrepreneurs Setting Up New Businesses in Bed-Stuy

Economic activity returns to neighborhood that was once the epicenter of the crack epidemic.

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Adult Literacy Programs Soldier on Despite Steep Budget Cuts

Language programs in Central Harlem are facing tough times, serving large numbers of residents with increasingly leaner budgets.

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Who Should Mourn for Long Island College Hospital?

The elderly, residents of a nearby low-income neighborhood and deli owners are bearing the greatest cost of losing a hospital in brownstone Brooklyn. But experts say the impact goes much further.

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House Full of Trouble

For tenants in an upscale Greenwich Village building, it’s been a long hard summer.

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Hunting in Hunter’s Point South: Affordable Housing in Long Island City

Can a massive project that is mostly affordable help preserve the character of the neighborhood?

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