BREAKING: East Village Gas Explosion Injures 12

A seven-alarm fire in the East Village injures 12, four of which are in critical condition.

Finding Strength Through Faith

A Brooklyn community turns to God—and a commitment to doing better—after a tragic fire that killed seven children.

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When Lawyers Advocate, Where’s the Line?

“I think there is a light shining brighter on us,” says the president elect of the Metropolitan Black Bar Association.

Curling Returns to NYC, After Decades on Ice

For the first time in 100 years New Yorkers can go curling in the city, at a popular program in Prospect Park.

Whistling in the Dark

After an iconic competition closes, whistlers hope their music will live on.

Is Police Officer Peter Liang a Scapegoat?

Many Chinese Americans think so. They believe the charges against him for shooting a Brooklyn man are too harsh.

Video: Love and Puppets

Puppetry is an unconventional career path, but one couple has made it the family business.

Video: Counting Our Poorest People

For one long night a year, New Yorkers walk the streets and count the homeless.

Brighton Beach Reels After Three ISIS-Related Arrests

Residents of the Brooklyn community seemed rattled the day after three arrests connected to the terrorist group.

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Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Make Me A Match

Every year, medical students congregate for a nerve-wracking ceremony to find out where they will be doing their residencies.

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Don’t Like Books? How About a Comic?

One conventional book store is left in the Bronx, but comic book stores continue to thrive.

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The Curious Case of Hart Island

The Department of Corrections runs it.  The Parks Department doesn’t want it.  But citizens want to visit their dead.

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Does SAE Have a Race Problem? Some Black Members Don’t Think So

A sign post is seen outside the international headquarters of Sigma Alpha Epsilon

Even as allegations pop up at other chapters of the fraternity, African-American members defend it

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Soccer Returns to New York City

The crowd celebrates David Villa's goal in the 19th minute.

On Sunday New York City Football Club played its historic opening game.

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California Cool Collides with Classical Music Center

Avery Fisher Hall at Lincoln Center will soon bear the name of music mogul, David Geffen.

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Health Department Upholds Ban Against Ferrets

New York City is one of four places in the U.S. to ban the fuzzy creature—and the city wants to keep it that way.

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The NYPD’s Contract Controversy

The PBA is the only NYPD union that hasn’t ratified a contract, and some see a connection to its upcoming election.

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Coming to the Rescue of Troubled Teens

With online videos and tips, a non-profit called Project UROK wants to help teens struggling with mental health issues.

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A Controversial Indian Film and a Call to Action

Stars and students came out to the U.S. premiere of Leslee Udwin’s documentary based on the 2012 rape of a Delhi student.

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A Terrorist Among Us?

After police took a local fast food employee into custody, his neighbors and co-workers can’t make sense of it all.

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After the Tension: Is a Homeless Shelter a Threat?

Greenpoint residents had resisted the idea of shelter built in their midst, but some find the reality to be harmless.

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A Year After the Blast: Signs of Spring, Sounds of Chickens

Brothers Alex (left) and Dimitri (Right) Gatanas run the family-owned business Urban Garden Center, that was destroyed and rebuilt after last year's gas explosion in East Harlem

Life has returned to the Urban Garden Center—a year after the Harlem gas explosion blew it away.

Where the Ordinary Becomes Extraordinary


New York’s smallest museum pays homage to everyday objects, from plastic spoons to toothpaste tubes.

Fire at 116th and Broadway

A fire on West 116th Street left three students injured and Ollie’s Shop and Grille charred.

New York City’s Secret Little Island

Who owns this small 2.5 acre-rock known as Rat Island off the coast of the Bronx? The clue lies in the flag.

Video: Ebola’s Stigma Felt by Liberian-Americans

Liberian – Americans feel the ripple effects of Ebola and say they have been stigmatized and isolated.

They “Don’t Walk By” the Hidden Homeless

Every year for the last seven, volunteers offer people on the street a few basic supplies and a hot meal on a cold night.