Cops and Citizens: A New York Conversation

NY City Lens reporters asked New Yorkers what might be done to ease tensions and help heal a rift between the police and their city.

Roosevelt Island Gambles on a Brighter Future

Here comes Cornell and Riverwalk, and a renovated downtown is feeling optimistic.

Who Should Mourn for Long Island College Hospital?

The elderly, residents of a nearby low-income neighborhood and deli owners are bearing the greatest cost of losing a hospital in brownstone Brooklyn. But experts say the impact goes much further.

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First Comes the Snow, Then Come the Shovels

Where some neighborhood entrepreneurs see opportunity in snowstorms, others see a chance to lend a hand

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Political Activism’s Case for Asylum

Politically Active Asylum-Seekers Spark a Larger Debate on Immigration

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Here Come the New Neighbors

With rich residents set to flood their Astoria neighborhood, public housing residents wonder what’s in store for them.

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Brooklyn’s Los Sures Churches Adapt to Neighborhood Change

Sudden changes force churches to adjust

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Many Residents Now Can Shape How Money is Spent, But Will They?

More New Yorkers than ever before will take part in participatory budgeting this year. Can organizers engage enough residents in a process that relies on their engagement to succeed?

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Bronx Housing Boom Could Crowd Classrooms

P.S. 214 Choir

Community activists and parents call on Department of Education for help

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