Fire at 116th and Broadway

A fire on West 116th Street left three students injured and Ollie’s Shop and Grille charred.

Ghanian Artist, Jojo Abot

Video: Out of Africa and Into Fashion Week

Designers are increasingly using African fabrics and Fashion Week is attracting African designers, many for the first time.

Brighton Beach Reels After Three ISIS-Related Arrests

Residents of the Brooklyn community seemed rattled the day after three arrests connected to the terrorist group.

An Illegal Conversion, and the Tenants Pay the Price

Without warning, residents of 249 Norman Avenue had to leave their homes due to perilous conditions.


Video: A New York City Winter on Wheels

For Monica Bartley and other people who use a wheelchair, winter presents even greater challenges to getting around the city.

Anti-Islamaphobia Protest Targets the Press

Muslims protest coverage of two incidents by CNN and Fox

Cops and Citizens: A New York Conversation

NY City Lens reporters asked New Yorkers what might be done to ease tensions and help heal a rift between the police and their city.

Recent News


Where the Ordinary Becomes Extraordinary


New York’s smallest museum pays homage to everyday objects, from plastic spoons to toothpaste tubes.

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Video: Love and Puppets

Puppetry is an unconventional career path, but one couple has made it the family business.

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Video: Counting Our Poorest People

For one long night a year, New Yorkers walk the streets and count the homeless.

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New York City’s Secret Little Island

Who owns this small 2.5 acre-rock known as Rat Island off the coast of the Bronx? The clue lies in the flag.

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Video: Ebola’s Stigma Felt by Liberian-Americans

Liberian – Americans feel the ripple effects of Ebola and say they have been stigmatized and isolated.

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They “Don’t Walk By” the Hidden Homeless

Every year for the last seven, volunteers offer people on the street a few basic supplies and a hot meal on a cold night.

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The Bronx and Its Parks: Imagining Possibilities

Residents and leaders speak up for their underdeveloped public spaces at the 21st annual Bronx Parks Speak Up! conference.

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What to Do With a Problem Like NYCHA: Infographic

The city and state plan to pump millions into NYCHA so the city’s “worst landlord,” can fix existing problems.

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New Housing Might Mess Up the No. 7 Line

Part of the Manhattan skyline can be seen as a Flushing-bound 7 train arrives at Queensboro Plaza station after limited subway service was restored following a winter storm, Tuesday, Jan. 27, 2015, in the Queens borough of New York. Gov. Andrew Cuomo says a snowstorm-related New York City area travel ban is lifted, except for Suffolk County on Long Island. (AP Photo/Jason DeCrow)

Sunnyside Yard, the site of the mayor’s plan to build more affordable housing, is stirring fears in the community.

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Keeping Bengali Alive in a New Home

On Feb. 21, the community commemorated the day Bengalis fought for the right to speak their language.

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A Bronx Precinct Salutes a 10-Year-Old Girl from Texas

New York cops tip their hats to Savannah Solis, who sent 200 thank you notes to officers after two cops were shot.

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Must a Zoroastrian Date Only Zoroastrians?

Dwindling numbers add to the pressure young members of this religion feel to marry inside the community.

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Did Rudy Giuliani Lose His City? Maybe

The former mayor has stirred controversy with his comments about President Obama—and many New Yorkers aren’t pleased.

Are Fancy Hotels a Tipping Point for Williamsburg?

The Yotel chain has plans for a new facility in the heart of Williamsburg. And more hotels are on the way.

A Rocky Reception for a New Sex Policy

Columbia Students wonder how a brief program—including workshops and art projects— can change a culture.

A Food Pantry Plans to Go Mobile

Rising hunger in New York City is causing a West Side food pantry to devise ways to reach more people in need.

Schooling New York City’s Cops

A little known program of the NYPD helps the department’s police officers pursue a higher education.

The Venezuelans Are Coming

waitress at counter

As the economy of their home country falters, more of them are moving to New York City