On the Edge: New Yorkers Struggle to Make Ends Meet

In a special report, NY City Lens explores rising economic inequality.

VIDEO: The League of Kitchens

Learning home-style international cuisine with immigrant home cooks.

Jessica Lapidos displays her collection of vegan outfits at the NYC Green Festival. (Asha Mahadevan/NYCity Lens)

Clothes and Cosmetics Can Be Vegan Too

Fashion designers and cosmetic manufacturers in the city are catering to vegans with products that are animal-free and cruelty-free

VIDEO: A Second Chance

A group of formerly incarcerated young men find hope in a food truck business

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An Education, On The Inside

How college classes helped change a prisoner’s life

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A New York Rare Book Dealer

Heather O’Donnell founded Honey and Wax Booksellers in 2011 joining the ranks of rare book dealers in New York.

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Staten Island Fights A Painkiller and Heroin Epidemic

Syringes are packaged at a distribution center in The Bronx for drug users. In 2012, Staten Island became the borough with the highest death rate due to drug overdoses. (AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews)

The borough grapples with an addiction that is contributing to the city’s highest death rate due to drug overdoses

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Making Ends Meet

Tips, services, and resources for budgeting a limited income

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Economic Inequality: Issue by Issue

A roundup of local and national economic debates on how to support the American middle class.

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Fighting Back Against Wage Theft

Workers say raising the minimum wage is meaningless if it cannot be enforced.

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