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The Socialist Workers Party candidates in New York are retreating to New Jersey

The mayor's office calls for independent investigations into the governor's conduct on two fronts

"I hope New Yorkers look out for each other," says one victim

The founders of the movement talk to NY City Lens

In January, New Yorkers learned more about the NYPD's use of a broad range of technologies designed to keep tabs on them. The documents released

A southeast Queens native with local and state government experience vies for the District 31 City Council seat

A longtime District 31 resident and small business owner is running to represent her community

An entrepreneur and disability advocate takes her shot

Silva was the chief of staff for former Council member Donovan Richards in District 31. Now he’s running to represent the district himself

A new president’s representatives talk of immigration reform, and the response is enthusiastic

Five candidates for New York City mayor all agreed on one issue Friday afternoon.

Citing past incidents, the council members ask President Biden’s new Homeland Security secretary to oust the head of the New York field office

Some voters were delighted and some were confused, while the snow slowed the pace of voting

The new voting system sounds confusing. NYCity Lens explains how it will work

An annual personal appeal goes virtual for 2021, but it still goes well