Feeling the Bern in NYC

Some 3,000 New Yorkers march for Senator Sanders

March for Bernie Sanders from Vicky Ge Huang on Vimeo.

Two days after the Iowa caucuses, voters across the United States are still mulling over the results. Bernie Sanders, the Vermont Senator whose presidential bid had been somewhat underappreciated, achieved a near tie with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Here in New York City on January 30, while Sanders was busy campaigning in the Midwest, about 3,000 men, women, and children from all kinds of backgrounds rallied at Union Square and subsequently marched towards Zuccotti Park in support of him. They brought homemade signs, social media memes, and banners. During the two-hour march, their chants, “This is what democracy looks like,” “Feel the Bern,” and “Not for sale” remained strong and passionate.


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