Trump on the Jumbotron and “Inaugural Love”

Times Square was eerily quiet; the kind of quiet that made any kind of sudden movement sound amplified.

The crowd standing below ABC’s Good Morning America jumbotron kept their eyes glued to the screen, only looking down to take their phones out and photograph the inauguration of Donald Trump and Mike Pence.

As more people joined to witness history in the iconic heart of New York City, the perimeter of photographers and reporters became more visible. The swift sounds of shutter clicks could be heard as a swarm of photographers surrounded a young woman sitting in the front row burying her face into her hands.

Moments later, scattered applause and cheers welcomed the nation’s new president and vice president into office as they recited the oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States.

“It’s time for everyone to come together and work together, whether you’re Democratic or Republican, we’re looking for one thing in the end,” said Tammy Strohl, a Trump supporter visiting from Naples, Florida.

Further uptown in Washington Heights, the scene at the Unity Palace Theatre was brimming with eclectic music, poetry readings and guided meditational chants to honor “Inaugural Love.” A lineup of festivities and visual performances was assembled by the theatre committee to honor the arts.

Keith Fasciani, the event director, greeted guests at a table to run through events and collect contributions for Planned Parenthood.

“We’re very aware that a lot of people have a lot of feelings about today, feelings of what having Donald Trump in office means for us,” Fasciani said. “This event is an attempt for people to express themselves, for them to feel inspired, express love and to state to each other and the community that we are not sitting down, we’re standing up today.”