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February 2020

[gallery columns="1" size="full" ids="21589,21590,21591,21592,21593,21594,21595,21596,21597,21598"] Many building walls all over Brooklyn are covered by 40-foot advertisements or sleek glass floor-to-ceiling windows. But the borough is also a gallery for muralists, cultivating waves of activist artists who seek to represent the communities around them. Sunset Park in particular, with its diverse immigrant population and sizable industrial buildings, is one neighborhood that attracts this sort of large-scale communal art, much of it a commentary on pressing sociopolitical issues that afflict the community, including immigration. Immigrants have long faced social, political and legal challenges—and continue to do so. Last Monday, the Supreme Court ruled to greenlight President

Incidents of slashings and stabbings in city jails surged 10.4 percent last year and physical confrontations between detainees and corrections officers rose sharply to a staggering 37 percent—and the City Council Committee on Criminal Justice is trying to find out why. On Monday, senior officials from the city’s Department of Correction appeared at a hearing before the committee to examine the unsettling statistics cited by Council Member and committee chairman Keith Powers. According to data provided by the mayor’s office, in 2019, overall violence between inmates escalated by 12 percent. “Over the years that I’ve been here, the City Council has been increasingly