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April 2020

The city’s total death toll keeps climbing— just under 17,000 have died since the pandemic started. But as the city creeps into its seventh week of shelter in place orders and grim news cycles continue, New Yorkers’ spirits refuse to be crushed. Since the crisis broke out in mid-March, every night at  7 p.m. New Yorkers close computers, put down phones, and pause dinner preparations to lean out their windows, step out on their balconies or stoops, and cheer. There are whoops and yells, claps and whistles, cowbells and makeshift cowbells created from pots and pans. Car horns blare. Stuck in their

Virtual appointments with doctors are on the rise amid social distancing measures / Photo courtesy of Edward Jenner for Pexels Anne Sansevero saw it coming. As the first cases of COVID-19 began surfacing in America, Sansevero, who has been a geriatric nurse practitioner for more than 30 years and runs a private practice serving seniors, foresaw that her elderly clients—one of the most vulnerable populations to the contagious virus—would particularly be at risk. “I knew we were in trouble,” she said. Normally, care managers like Sansevero regularly check in with their senior clients, many of whom live alone or suffer from mental or