Art vs. Plastic

An artist in Long Island is changing the way we look at trash

It is not a secret that as the New York State population increases, so does the amount of plastic it produces. The uniqueness of Berges Alvarez’s art is that it addresses in a sophisticated way the need to decrease that use of plastic materials.

According to the New York City government, Americans on average throw out around 10 single-use plastic bags per week, but for New Yorkers this amount doubles. Incredibly enough, New York residents use 23 billion plastic bags annually.

Alvarez uses plastic as his main material to create beautiful landscapes and seascapes, where rocks, mountains, and open skies catch the viewer eyes, taking them to another dimension.

Meanwhile, the reflective plastic material he uses allows the artist to create awareness about the importance of recycling or repurposing plastic, in order to reduce the amount of plastic we trash.


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