Bill de Blasio endorses Bernie Sanders for President

New York, Bill de Blasio, City Hall

Bill de Blasio/Creative Commons 

Mayor Bill de Blasio, who ran his own presidential campaign last year, endorsed Bernie Sanders for president, the Vermont senator’s campaign announced Friday night.

“I’m proud to have the support of a mayor fighting every day to improve the lives of New Yorkers,” Sanders said on Twitter. Sanders told CNN that as a Brooklyn native, he was especially pleased to have the support of the New York City mayor. “Bill is a leading example of what bringing the Democratic Party together around so-called ‘radical ideas’ like universal pre-K, paid family and sick leave, and defending immigrant neighbors can do for your country.”

De Blasio suspended his presidential run in September after he failed to qualify for the third round of primary debates.

“I’m standing with Bernie Sanders because he stands with working families and always has,” de Blasio said on Twitter. “Bernie is the candidate to take Trump on & take him down. I’m proud to endorse a true progressive leader who will fight for working New Yorkers & families across the country.”

Four years ago, de Blasio endorsed Hillary Clinton for president. But in an interview with Politico last year, de Blasio said he believed Sanders could have beaten then-nominee Donald Trump in the general election.

“You know, hindsight’s 20/20, but I think when we look at it now, that was a moment where there was such a desire for change,” De Blasio said last August.

The current New York mayor will campaign for Sanders in the Nevada caucus this weekend, according to a statement from the Sanders campaign. De Blasio is scheduled to appear at an event in Carson City with Sanders.