Brooklyn Heights Welcomes Hillary Clinton Headquarters to the Neighborhood

The 19 story building One Pierrepont Plaza will be home to Hillary Clinton's campaign headquarters in Brooklyn Heights.

The 19 story building One Pierrepont Plaza will be home to Hillary Clinton’s campaign headquarters in Brooklyn Heights.

A Brooklyn Heights building just behind the corner of Tillary and Clinton Streets will soon house the headquarters of former U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.

The move has many Brooklanites excited for the neighborhood and for the upcoming presidential election.  Hillary Clinton’s campaign team signed a lease for two floors of office space at One Pierrepont Plaza this week, bringing her closer to an official announcement of her candidacy.

“She’s a welcome edition to the neighborhood,” said Kevin Guyer, 52, a Democrat who lives in Fort Greene. “I do like her a lot.”

Juanita Shepard, was shopping for flowers on Saturday in the Columbus Park farmer’s market across from One Pierrepont. “I’m glad [Hillary’s] coming to Brooklyn,” said the East Flatbush resident who said she’s leaning towards voting for the former first lady. “I’d like to see the first woman president.”

Estelle Caswell, 25, and her brother Brent,22, moved to Park Slope, Brooklyn last year. “She’s got to be somewhere,” said Estelle. “I think it’s really cool [that she’s in Brooklyn].”

“The benefit would be that fun political events will happen closer [to home],” said Brent Caswell.

One couple, Benedetto Puccio, 80, and his wife Cindy, 25, took a special trip to Brooklyn from their home in upstate New York just to visit the building that will house Clinton’s headquarters. Benedetto was the project manager and designed One Pierrepont Plaza almost 30 years ago as part of the firm Haines Lundberg Waehler.

“When I saw the paper this morning and I saw the sign Clinton St. and the reference to the fact that Hillary is going to set up headquarters there, I was actually quite pleased,” said Puccio. “I’m a a Hillary fan. I’m delighted that she’s going to be in the neighborhood and in the building I designed.”