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As a senior campaign adviser, she helped elect Kathy Hochul lieutenant governor and re-elect former Mayor Bill de Blasio

After five years of community organizing, advocates succeed in getting law preventing employers from discriminating against domestic workers. The next challenge is effective implementation.

The legislation raises concerns that it could exacerbate the issue most unhoused have with the system — negative treatment they receive from security personnel

Following the introduction of legislation to defund harm reduction and overdose prevention centers, advocates held a protest in Manhattan this week. 

After the bill failed last year, activists and lawmakers are hoping Albany is finally ready to give formerly incarcerated individuals a second chance

With no federal funding in the 2023 Budget Proposal, major cuts are inevitable

Advocates for the homeless say that plan could amount to a continuation of ineffective policies if the city cannot follow through on the mayor’s

As Mayor Eric Adams plans to expand facial recognition technology to fight rising crime, new research suggests neighborhoods of color are being disproportionately surveilled

The bill, which is the first of its kind introduced in the U.S., would alter how law enforcement stores evidence from victims of sexual

NYC politicians take aim at the new apps promising speedy grocery deliveries, saying they may violate a swath of city rules.

New York’s small businesses say they are getting crushed by Big Tech companies’ anti-competitive pricing. The 21st Century Antitrust Act would make it easier

BIPOC arts organization receives funding from City Council.

PULP and the American Association of Retired Persons wrote a joint letter to the Hochul Administration requesting that $1.25 billion be taken from the

Protestors outside the convention Wednesday urged state leaders to pass a bill that would transform protections for tenants.

Two gatherings across the Bronx denounce years of indifference.