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A monthly pop-up food bazaar in Elmhurst was dedicated to helping those who lost homes in last year's natural catastrophe

Three years ago, Venezuelan Paola Granadillo decided that she couldn't continue living in the country she was born in. “I had to leave because of

Fifty-one-year-old Pemala Sherpa was 16 when she married a man she didn’t know, in a remote region in the mountainous country of Nepal. She

"I hope the results of this summit will allow me to stop worrying about both of my homes—Korea and America."

New York City celebrated Easter last Sunday – but for Orthodox Christians, the festivity isn’t over just yet.

The manager of the building at 140 Broadway wants to redesign the “Red Cuba” plaza in front—and leave no room for all the vendors

The relief effort at the Sunset Park Disaster-Relief Collection Center in Brooklyn began right after the hurricanes hit.

“People need English proficiency to navigate the city, to navigate civic life."

Hundreds march down Madison Avenue for the 32nd Annual Muslim Day Parade.

Amanda Morales has been living in Holyrood Episcopal Church's library since mid-August.

Modern artists take a page from the year 1392

Pro-Europe candidate Emmanuel Macron is the clear favorite among French expats in New York

Turkish-Americans weigh in on a referendum that consolidates the president’s vast power

Followers of  Sikhism, celebrated Baisakhi, the day Sikhs received their unique identity nearly 300 years ago.

In the Church of St. John the Forerunner, parishioners pray and observe tradition