Cutting Hair in New York

COVID-19 has kept this barber out of his barbershop, but he still gives haircuts

David Abad is a 30-year-old barber, who has been out of his barbershop in Hells Kitchen Manhattan, for the last two months because of the coronavirus. He hasn’t let that stop him, though.  “As a barber, if you don’t work you don’t make money,” said Abad, who is the only one working at his household. With a one-year-old daughter at home and despite all risks, David decided to start giving haircuts in some of his clients’ homes.

Twice a week, Abad comes out of his home in New Jersey, wearing a mouth mask and gloves. He takes his chair with him, puts his haircut supplies in a bag, and drives to make some money, so he and his family can survive this situation.


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