De Blasio’s OneNYC: By the Numbers

On Wednesday Mayor Bill de Blasio unveiled OneNYC, a 332-page manifesto detailing the administration’s vision for the city’s future. Just as with previous plans, OneNYC continues to focus on growth, sustainability, and resiliency, but de Blasio has chosen to include an emphasis on equity in the aim of decreasing New York’s growing income inequality.

The more than 200 new initiatives include ambitious targets—such as lifting 800,000 New Yorkers out of poverty by 2025, and sending zero waste to landfills in 2030. Speaking at a press conference following the announcement, de Blasio acknowledged that not everyone believes the goals can be achieved. “I don’t blame anyone who’s cynical. I represent 8.5 million jaded people,” he said. “But here’s what’s different. First of all there’s absolute total commitment at City Hall to achieve these goals.”

Critics argue that the feasibility of the plan, which requires multi-billion dollar investments, remains questionable. As reported by Capital New York, Marcia Bystryn, executive director of the environmental advocacy group New York League of Conservation Voters  said that there needs to be a roadmap that allows for progress to be measured along the way.

“The de Blasio administration should quickly follow up with an implementation plan that includes funding sources, a timetable, baseline indicators to track progress, and an agency responsible for implementation,” she said.

Deputy Mayor Anthony Shorris announced in a press conference on Thursday that more details on financing would be included in the city’s budget, scheduled to be released on May 7th.

For some of the Mayor’s more ambitious targets, check out the timeline below: