East Harlem Boxing Gym is a Safe Space for Women

Reese Scott is the first woman to own and operate a female-only boxing gym in New York City.

By Raishad Hardnett and Erewa Uku

After spending years as a creative designer, Reese Scott found herself at a crossroads. Either she would stay at her cushy, well-paying corporate job, or risk everything she had to pursue a passion largely exclusive to men: Boxing.

She quit and never looked back.

After over a decade of training over 11,000 women in New York City in different gyms, she decided it was time to open her own. In February 2018, Scott became the first woman to own and operate a boxing gym in New York City exclusively for other women. At Women’s World of Boxing in East Harlem, she trains dozens of women and girls ranging from the ages of 10 to 72. The women all come for different reasons, ranging from exercise to self-defense, but many are leaving with deeper lessons for both on and off the ring.


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