Easter Lilies In Bloom Give Tourists Respite From City Chaos

It took its time but spring finally arrived Thursday and just in time for New Yorkers to enjoy the arrival of thousands white Easter lilies at Rockefeller Center’s Channel Gardens on Fifth Avenue.

Despite the small garden squeezed between commercial buildings, crowds of tourists and shoppers admired the blooming and half blooming lilies, which were planted Thursday morning. The centerpiece, which is hard to miss, is a 12-foot-tall topiary of an Easter bunny made with ivy and moss, balancing a multicolor Easter egg made with daisies on its nose.

Sitting on a cool stone bench with her husband, Amanda Foster sat quietly watching other tourists pose in front of the large leafy bunny. “It’s a beautiful flower garden,” said the 51-year-old from Tuscan, Arizona. After hearing that the lilies were only a few hours old, Foster added, “They’re certainly a respite in this concrete jungle.”

“Aren’t lilies expensive?” asked 13-year-old Marina Schmidt to her mother after hearing how the lilies were only going to be in the garden until April 19. Young Marina makes an apt point considering a bouquet of white lilies from Teleflora would set you back at least $70.

Belinda Schmidt laid her hand on her daughter’s shoulder and responded in her native German, “Yes, but the only person who’ll care about that is the person who paid for it!”