Creating a Post

1) Go to Posts > Add New

2) Add a title using title case: Capitalizing Most Words With the Exception of a, the, etc. If you have any doubts, go to this page:

3) Paste text into the text window. If you have problems with odd formatting, it may be extra code carried over from Microsoft Word. You can click into the “Text” mode and delete the code. Or you may use the button in the second row of the control panel that says “T.”

Add Images

1) Images should be sized to 1200 pixels wide. The height can vary but generally horizontal images look best. If you have a vertical image, it should be no more than 450 pixels wide or the text on your post will be crammed into a tiny space.

2) Fill in the Text, Caption and Alt boxes in the image pop-up window. The Title will show up if someone mouses over the image so it should be meaningful. It can also help with SEO, so don’t use meaningless file titles.  Add a caption and then copy it and paste that into the Alt box.

3) Make sure you are inserting the Full Size image into the post. (You should have sized it to 1200 pixels unless it is a vertical.)

4) Select one of your images as a featured image for the home page tout. This image should be fairly simply composed. It will be on the home page as part of a montage. It should also be 1200 pixels wide, 550-600 pixels high because it will be featured that large on most of the section pages.

Add a Gallery

1) Upload your images. They should all be the same dimensions or the gallery will not work well.

2) On the left hand-side, select, “Create a Gallery.” Select the images you want. (Use the gallery inside the Add Media, not the one next to it.)

3) Select one column and full size. Click on the “Insert Gallery” button. You can always move the gallery around by going to text mode and copy the code, moving it to another location.

Images for Editors

Please upload a few high-res original images to the Citrix shared account. The photo editors will use these for featured images, etc.

If you ever have problems with this account, an easy workaround is to send high res photos via which accepts files up to 2GB.

Add a Video

1) On Vimeo, we have a paid account and so you can set in the edit settings not to show the Title, text, more videos, etc. Generally we want the videos to have no extra text — you will have a story title and byline.

2) Copy the code.  Click on the “Text” tab at the top-right-hand side of the post. Paste the code into the post.

Headline, Home Page & Section Page Blurb

1) Long headlines can get a little clunky on the site. Aim for brevity if possible.

2) Add a summary sentence in the “Excerpt” box. This will appear beneath the title and image in all places except for the top carousels. See the home page for typical sentence lengths.

Categories & Tags

1) Select the category that best fits your story. Avoid checking more than 2, ideally just check 1 when it is in the home page carousel or it will look repetitive.

2) Uncheck “uncategorized.”

3) Don’t add vague, unhelpful tags like “conflict,” or “New York City” or “mayor.” Instead, use specific names, titles, etc. Proper nouns that people might actually use as a key word. If in doubt, don’t put a tag.

Twitter Posts


We are using WP to Twitter to facilitate our posting to the NYCityLens account. You will see a Twitter box on the lower right-hand side of the post page.

1) While you are editing, select “Don’t tweet this post.” The tool does not post the story until it is published. However, to start we want to be sure that it does not get tweeted until titles etc. have been check for copy errors.

2) In the Custom Tweet box, post your tweet and link (you can use or another URL shortener). If you do not create a custom tweet, the default is the title + link.

3) Once the story, title, excerpt etc. have been approved then click “Post this tweet” and hit Update.

Inserting the Live Coverage Widget

1) Go to Appearance > Widgets

2) Click on “secondary-right-top”. There will be a text widget in there. It is the video carousel.

3) Next scroll down to the “Inactive widgets.” You will see a widget that reads “Live Video.” Drag and drop that in the “secondary-right-top” section ABOVE the video carousel widget.

4) Lastly, go to “secondary-right-bottom” and drag the “Special Projects” widget down to the Inactive Widgets.

5) When you are done, drag the Live Coverage video widget back down to the Inactive Widgets and drag the Special Projects back to “secondary-right-bottom”