Inwood’s Cat Queen

Inwood Hill's stray felines and Teresa Youngblood share a mutual love

By Christopher Alvarez and Mariel Rodriguez-McGill

Whatever the weather, cold or warm, rainy or windy, the cats that camp out in Inwood Hill Park must eat and be cared for. Teresa Youngblood is an Inwood resident who has made it a priority to feed and care for the stray cats—every day at 3:00 p.m. Youngblood, 64, suffered a brain injury four and a half years ago that hindered her memory, but one thing she always recalls is her dad’s wise words: “We’re all equal and we should care for everyone and everything.” And that’s the legacy she’s been carrying out her whole life, as a firefighter, nanny, and now through her love for the cats of Inwood.


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