K-Pop is Taking Over the City Again!

First post-pandemic concerts in the U.S were sold out hours after in New York City

As New York City and the rest of the world re-open, K-pop fans are resuming events that celebrate their favorite artists. The recent comebacks of K-pop groups to the U.S. like, TWICE, MONSTA X, Ateez, and more are breaking previous ticket sale records. Twice, a popular girl group both in Korea and internationally sold out their two-day concert dates at the UBS arena in
NYC– hosting over 18,000 eager fans who had been awaiting the return of concerts since the start of the pandemic.

From cup sleeve events, charities, to karaoke nights, and street dance performances, fan communities collaborate with local businesses in the city to host these events. “There is a cup sleeve event every week in the city,” said Jerry, who co-hosted an event for, Suga, a member of BTS, at Sweet Moments in the Lower East Side.

At these types of events, fans design special cup sleeves with the images of their favorite K-pop artists and give them out to fans when they purchase coffee, sharing their love with other fans and helping local businesses simultaneously.

Fans also sell their handmade goods at these events including keychains, tote bags, shoulder bags, and photo cards and donate their profit to non-profit organizations in the city. Fans tell me they do this out of love for their favorite K-pop groups. They volunteer their time and in the process get to meet other fans and show appreciation for the artists that helped them get through the pandemic.