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Late Summer Scenes

Patrons stroll through stalls at Borough Park Farmer's Market

The Borough Park Farmer’s Market

by Safia Ali, NY City Lens

Brooklyn residents check out the weekly fare at the local farmer’s market.

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People in Restoration Plaza in Bed-Stuy.

Restoration Plaza

by Saif Alnuweiri, NY City Lens

An afternoon in Bed-Stuy’s Restoration Plaza.

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People praying in chapel

Capilla Los Dolores, Queens

by Marissa Armas, NY City Lens

Locals pray and find solace at a small chapel tucked in the neighborhood of North Corona.

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Children race to the top of the rope pyramid.

At a Playground in Long Island City

by Elena Boffetta, NY City Lens

A sense of peace in a noisy playground.

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Some of Corona, Queens' youngest residents chase birds around Corona Plaza on Friday August 22nd 2014.

On Corona Plaza

by Simon Bouvier, NY City Lens

Children fight a losing battle against a feathery scourge in Queens.

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A woman exercises and walks around the track at McCarren Park on Friday. (Mayah Collins/NY City Lens)

A Day in McCarren Park, Brooklyn

by Mayah Collins, NY City Lens

Handball, running, riding, walking, talking, eating, resting: Locals enjoy the park.

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The view of the Brooklyn Bridge Park from the Brooklyn Heights promenade.

Brooklyn Bridge Park

by Valerie Edwards, NY City Lens

Families and friends enjoy the final days of summer at the Brooklyn Bridge Park.

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Two men on stage, next to "be a teller" sign

Working up a Play in Socrates Park

by Elah Feder, NY City Lens

Actors rehearse an anti-bullying play for middle schoolers.

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Police Service Area #2, Crown Heights

by Tatyana Ilienko-Chung, NY City Lens

Another day, another drama: a policewoman tries to ease the anguish of an arrestee’s family.

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Ridgewood Theatre converted into apartments

A historic theater’s final days in Ridgewood

by Myra Iqbal, NY City Lens

The Ridgewood Theatre, which was shut down in 2008, will be converted into an apartment complex.

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Registan just before the lunch rush - as the day rolls on it doesn't stay like this though. (Zyma Islam/NY City Lens)

The Silk Route Lunch Stop

by Zyma Islam, NY City Lens

Dropping by the “Bukharian Broadway” in Rego Park.

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Men and teens playing in the park

B-Ball in Sunset Park

by Gregory Jackson, NY City Lens

Everyone wanted to win, but one boy wanted it more.

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At the New York Bakery in Murray Hill

by Pola Lem, NY City Lens

Where elderly Koreans gather to eat, drink coffee, and chat.

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A boy pushes a pink stroller up a wood ramp

A Playground in Carroll Gardens

by Isabelle Muge Niu, NY City Lens

A little boy from Brooklyn has a single purpose during his day at Carroll Park.

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scene Tassinari

Pray to God—It’s Friday

by André Tassinari, NY City Lens

A mosque in Woodhaven gets packed for congregational Friday prayers.

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A movie crew shoots a short film near Myrtle Ave., in Bushwick, Brooklyn. (Kevin Townsend / NY City Lens)

A ‘Shooting’ in Bushwick

by Kevin Townsend, NY City Lens

A crime drama films near Myrtle Avenue.

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White canopy tents shield fresh produce at the weekly Farmers' Market outside Bronx Community College

Bronx Works Farmer’s Market

by Theresa Avila, NY City Lens

At the Bronx Works Farmers’ Market, locals shop for fresh produce and listen to music

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Botanical Garden Fountain

The Botanical Garden

by Cassandra Basler, NY City Lens

Two kids from the Bronx find temptation at a water fountain.

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Morris Heights health center

Morris Heights Health Center

by Pauline Bock, NY City Lens

Morris Heights Health Center, which first opened in 1991, is expanding in the Bronx—and celebrating

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Boy racers near Yankee Stadium

Near Yankee Stadium

by Max Burman, NY City Lens

All you need in late August is a couple of bicycles and a place to race them.

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Marcus Garvey

Swimming at Harlem’s Marcus Garvey Park

by Christine Chung, NY City Lens

Locals enjoy the pool at Marcus Garvey Park on a hot summer day.

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Gloria - Mott Haven, Bronx

On the Street in Mott Haven

by Tom Davis,  NY City Lens

Gloria watches the scene from her wheelchair and talks to—everyone!

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Thomas Jefferson Park in East Harlem

by Mally Espaillat, NY City Lens

The dog days of summer have arrived for this group of teenagers in mid-August.

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People on Southern Boulevard

Hunts Point

by Sade Falebita, NY City Lens

The hustle and flow of the boulevard

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The Streets of Morrisania

by Latena Hazard, NY City Lens

Outside an apartment building, residents watch the passing parade

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Construction Site

Fifth Avenue Construction Site

by Cherno Baba Jallow, NY City Lens

At a Manhattan worksite where a building once stood, the job is to separate the metal from the rest of the debris.

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Summer on Lexinton Avenue

Upper East Side, Lexington Avenue

On Lexington Avenue, tourists and locals alike, wind down and embrace summer.

by Hezi Jiang, NY City Lens

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East Village Barbershop

by Shannon Luibrand, NY City Lens

Barbers spend a summer afternoon serving up drinks and haircuts.

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Garcia is about to walk his dog.

Outside New York-Presbyterian Hospital

by Reshmi Kaur Oberoi, NY City Lens

A Washington Heights local and his dog stroll through the dog days of August.

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Two people look out over the street from a viewing gallery at the High Line park

The High Line

by Daniela Porat, NY City Lens

Tourists take in New York City from above with a visit to the High Line.

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Kids play in Little Flower Playground.

Little Flower Playground

by Arianna Skibell, NY City Lens

A young boy causes trouble, but the older boy and a small girl roll with the punches.

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