Met Fans Are Feeling Amazin’

Patricia Healy and Matt Somer as they head to the New York Mets versus Atlanta Braves game at CitiField. (Lauren Hard / NYCityLens)

Patricia Healy and Matt Somer as they head to the New York Mets versus Atlanta Braves game at CitiField.
(Lauren Hard / NYCityLens)

“Bring your kiddies, bring your wife; guaranteed you’ll have the time of your life; because the Mets are really sockin’ the ball….” so goes the eternally hopeful New York Mets theme song, first written when the Mets first stepped up to bat in 1962. In recent years, the song could almost seem as if it was mocking the Mets, who were not, in fact sockin’ anything.

As fun as a ballpark as Citi Field is, this is the first time the Mets have had a winning season at the baseball stadium. With their 11th win in a row Thursday afternoon, the Mets now have the best record in Major League Baseball (13-3) and have tied their own record for the most wins in a row. The Mets have only won 11 games in a row in four other seasons, two of which were years they went on to win the World Series, 1969 and 1986.

NY City Lens caught up with Mets fans Thursday. Some were headed to the afternoon game versus the Atlanta Braves at Citi Field and others were just basking in the glow of the Mets’ recent winning streak.

Phil Menze, 29 of Brooklyn, a longtime Mets fan, explained that the reasons behind the success of the Mets are pretty straightforward. “The Mets are winning because they’ve gone back to basics.They’ve won ten straight and its due to fundamental team baseball,” he said. “The entire team has bought into the team mentality. It will only falter when the first player starts worrying about themselves versus the big picture.” As for right now, Menze says, Citi Field “could not be a more fun place to be.”

Menze points out that Sunday at the stadium has been dubbed “Family Day” and that there are many days when kids can run around the bases after innings. Amanda Graziel, 31, of Astoria agrees that Citi Field makes for a fun night out, with a night at the ballpark coming out to be less than dinner and a movie. In seasons past, Graziel says she has purchased tickets on Groupon for games.

As for earning more respect in the city, especially as the Mets head into The Subway Series with the Yankees, Jerry McMahon of Port Jefferson, Long Island, said the proof is in the ticket sales, as the Mets are outselling the Yankees.

John Lynch, 61 of Middle Village, Queens is hoping for two wins in the Subway Series against the Bronx Bombers. Clad in a Mets hat and Buffalo Bills jacket, Lynch said he is upset about some of the current injuries the Mets are battling, which include Captain David Wright’s hamstring, and left-handed Relief Specialist Jerry Blevins’ forearm, but Lynch feels the Mets have a lot of depth with a lot of players coming up from the minor leagues.

Sam Maxwell, who writes a blog about the Mets, spoke about the enchantment many Mets fans are feeling at this moment in time. “You see drive and determination from every member of this 25-man roster. When they are in Citi Field, that roster becomes 42,025. We are as caught up in this moment as the players are who are doing their part during this winning streak. There is a different feeling in the air, and the usual Metsian angst—that everything could fall apart at any time is just not there with us.

“Everything could go to Hell,” he said, “but right now, it seems none of us care right now. We’re just happy to be along for the ride.”

However, some fans still remain cautiously optimistic. Matt Somer is too young to remember when the Mets won the World Series for the last time in 1986. When asked, the 31-year-old responded “I remember 2000, it was disappointing but at least they made it to the World Series.” Somer, of Woodside Queens rode the 7 train to Citi Field Thursday afternoon and said it is too early to tell how the season will go. “They are playing good, but they kind of have to have a few months.”