Photo Series: Midtown Manhattan, Mid-Quarantine, is Empty

These photos were taken in Midtown Manhattan on Sixth Avenue and 57th St., an area that is roaring and crackling with life and traffic in normal times. These are not normal times. The pictures show that most passersby are following the social distancing and mandatory protective-gear orders aimed at slowing the coronavirus pandemic, although some people still walk the streets with bare faces. But mostly the streets are empty. 

The Zip Code for this area is 10019. The people in this Zip Code are primarily white and 91% of them do not have children. The median household income is $98,833 and the average household income is $162,689. According to ProPublica,  as of May 5th, 527 of 1,562 people who have been tested for COVID-19 in the 10019 Zip Code have tested positive. The rate of infection there is 12.1 per thousand residents, ProPublica says. This is 38% below the city average.

As of today, Manhattan as a whole has reported more than 23,000 positive test results for COVID-19. New York City has been on lockdown since March 22nd. May 15th is the last day of the citywide lockdown, though there may be a full or partial extension.

Bright Manhattan lights color the wet streets after a day of rain. Sixth Avenue in Midtown is empty during rush hour | Enxhi Dylgjeri for NYCityLens

The corner of Sixth Avenue and 57th street in Midtown, New York City | Enxhi Dylgjeri for NYCityLens

NYPD officer stationed at Duane Reade on the corner of 57th and Sixth Avenue | Enxhi Dylgjeri for NYCityLens

A woman runs with a face mask on, across from Trump Parc East | Enxhi Dylgjeri for NYCityLens

Sixth Avenue apartments filled with people sheltering in place and working remotely | Enxhi Dylgjeri for NYCityLens