NYC COVID-19: Cases, Hospitalizations and Deaths

New York City Hospitalizations: 32,843*  |  Cases: 122,148 | 
Deaths: 10,899 (Confirmed: 7,890, Probable: 4,309)


data as of 4/17, 2:30 PM

The New York City Health Department is issuing updates daily on the coronavirus spread and impact on New Yorkers. It notes that the data reflects those with severe illness because those with mild to moderate symptoms are being asked not to get tested at this time.

The data in this report reflect events and activities as of April 11, 2020. All data in this report are preliminary and subject to change as cases continue to be investigated. These data include cases in NYC residents and foreign residents treated in NYC facilities.

Data as of April 17. The NYC Health Department notes that the zip code information is incomplete, due to a temporary technical issue. There are also 2019 tests with unknown zip code, 1816 of which were positive.

The New York City Health Department explains that, as of March 31, it is reporting the number of COVID-19 cases by diagnosis date, instead of report date. Diagnosis date is the date that someone had a swab taken for testing. It had previously using the reported date of infection but diagnosis date is more reflective of when people are getting sick and being tested. As a result, case counts per day reported previously will not match current daily counts. Also, the data is incomplete until the labs and hospitals report the results, which can take a few days to a week.