NYPD: Arrested Subway Shooter is a Member of MS-13

Flowers for Abel Mosso (Monique Gloria LeBrun/NYCityLens)

Flowers for Abel Mosso (Monique LeBrun/NYCityLens)














A 26-year-old man—a member of the street gang MS-13—has been arrested and charged in connection to Sunday’s fatal shooting on a subway platform in Elmhurst, Queens.

On Monday police officers arrested and charged Ramiro Gutierrez with murder, gang assault, and possession of a weapon in connection with the case. Officers said Gutierrez is a member of MS-13, the international criminal organization that started in Los Angeles.

At approximately 12:45 Sunday afternoon police responded to shots fired at the 90th street Manhattan-bound 7-train station. Officers found 20-year-old Abel Mosso dead on the platform. Police officers confirmed that several shots were fired and the victim had several gunshot wounds in the head.

Police identified Mosso as a member of the 18th Street Gang. 

In a press conference on Monday, Chief of Detectives Dermot Shea said the fatal shooting grew out of an argument that started on the train and spewed onto the platform.

A video captured by a subway rider shows three men wrestling on the ground near entrance to the train car door. One of the attackers—wearing a grey hooded sweatshirt—can be seen on top of Mosso choking and punching him in the head. Another man—wearing multicolored scarf—can be seen tussling with Mosso over what appears to be a gun. One of the bystanders was able to successfully pull an attacker off Mosso. At that point the other attacker rises to his feet and shoots Mosso as he scrambles to stand up.

The investigation is ongoing. Police said they are still looking for the second suspect and murder weapon.