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March 2016

Since she was in the sixth grade, Lillian Bustle had always been a size 18 or over. She wore jeans and loose-fitting t-shirts to conceal her body from judgmental eyes, and she felt alienated by the stereotypical size zero figures she saw in ads and magazines. “I sort of felt like the fashion world was not for me at all,” Bustle said. “It’s only been recently that I felt that I could find things that made me feel good all the time and look good at the same time.” Now Bustle has never been more comfortable with her clothes, as designers are

[caption id="attachment_15868" align="aligncenter" width="975"] Courtesy: Christina Grant[/caption] Since she was 5-years old, Christina Grant has craved more from life. “I always wanted to be a star,” she said. For most, stardom means means a career on the stage or screen, but to quench her thirst for the spotlight, the 22-year-old Long Island native instead became a top-ranked hand model for one of New York’s most popular specialized modeling agencies, Parts Models. Outfitted in a grey cardigan topped by a shaggy black coat to match, Grant, on a chilly winter evening, was dressed to impress. She sighed and smiled apologetically for running five minutes late.