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April 2016

By Mary Kekatos and Ang Li Every year, hundreds of churches, schools and organizations gather on Manhattan's Fifth Avenue for the Greek Independence Day Parade--the largest Greek event in the United States. The celebration commemorates March 25, 1821 when the Greek people claimed their independence after 400 years of rule under the Turkish Ottoman Empire. More than 100,000 participants and spectators gather each year for the parade that begins on East 64th Street and ends on East 79th Street. The Grand Marshal of this year's parade was Kyriakos Mitsotakis, the head of Greece's New Democracy opposition party, and honored guests included

[caption id="attachment_15597" align="alignnone" width="1024"] (Photo Courtesy: Creative Commons)[/caption] It took two years, two gatherings of some-190 bishops from around the world, and 264 pages for Pope Francis to release a historic declaration urging clergy around the world to welcome gay, divorced, and single-parent Catholics into the fold. The declaration, which came in the form of an apostolic exhortation released Friday morning, lays out Francis’ sweeping vision of a church that is more inclusive and in touch with the realities of the modern world. Since its release Friday morning, the document, titled, “Joy of Love,” has caused a whirlwind of discussion, both within

The death of Iraqi- British architect Zaha Hadid, whose modern futuristic designs include a 39-apartment building under construction along the High Line, has caused reverberations in the architecture world. [caption id="attachment_15531" align="aligncenter" width="500"] Zaha Hadid speaking at Columbia University in 2008[/caption] Hadid, 66, died at a Miami Hospital Thursday after she had a heart attack while being treated for bronchitis.The architect leaves a legacy that pushed architectural boundaries in terms of design and ingenuity. Many in the field said she was a visionary who demonstrated that no design challenge is insurmountable.“She learned from modernism and then undid its dogmas, she then changed architecture

[caption id="attachment_15517" align="alignnone" width="1168"] "I get to let my inner six-year-old out," said Derrick Hossain, the man behind Pushy, the mascot for Push For Pizza. Pushy has been with the app from the beginning.[/caption] “Holy Moses it’s cold out there!” said John Miniaci, the owner of Johnny’s Pizzeria, rubbing his hands and hurrying back into his warm shop as the sun set on Sunset Park and 15-mile winds raced down 5th Avenue. On the sidewalk outside of Johnny’s on this frigid Wednesday was a film crew, four puppies, a man dressed in a pizza slice costume, and two 20-year-old college dropouts who