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A new comic book features the new congresswoman from the Bronx and Queens

Undocumented college students would become eligible for financial aid, but could still face deportation

Michael Bloomberg, 77, the former mayor of New York City, has announced that he will not be entering as a candidate in the 2020

New Yorkers are learning how to battle the rat pandemic, as complaints surge across the city

In Queens, a victim tells the harrowing story of her assault. Was she attacked because she is a woman?

At a city council hearing, lots of viewpoints on cannabis

About 8 percent of city’s voters cast ballots in the special election

New York City forgives millions of dollars in delivery-truck parking tickets, angering cyclists who the trucks force into traffic

New Yorkers have been complaining they slip and slide on dog-poop all too often. But, does New York have a canine waste problem?

Commerce committee members seem keen to make a growing trend of card-only retail and dining a thing of the past, citing discrimination against cash

A demonstration in Union Square—and others around the country—decried the president's declaration

The council member has again offended the LGBT Community, but at a large Bronx rally, supporters had his back

Bronx residents are hopeful about the La Central housing project, but wary that it comes with complications

As Nigeria begins to vote, Nigerians in New York City discuss the economy, the youth, and corruption

The City Council passed a resolution Wednesday that will clear the way for immigrants to drive legally. Now it’s the state legislature’s turn