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Bayside is quiet once again thanks in part to the work of Janet Mceneany and her air noise advocacy group, Queens Quiet Skies

At a Bronx center, workers learn about safety and their rights under OSHA

Families of victims of police brutality attend a city council hearing to overturn a state civil rights law that protects NYPD records from being

A Lunar New Year protest tackles the persecution of a Muslim ethnic group

Our reporters scattered across the city—to Democratic and GOP strongholds—to gauge how voters received the president’s speech

Those whose relatives were lost crossing the border know a special kind of pain

Some federal workers were still rushing from work to food pantries, days after the deadlock ended

A small group of environmentalists braved the cold Tuesday night to convince New Yorkers and public advocate candidates to oppose the Williams Transco Pipeline

Children, along with doctors, pastors, former smokers, professors, and bodega owners testified for more than five hours in an animated debate.

The mayor’s office may turn to controversial legislation to address commercial warehousing   

"I hope the results of this summit will allow me to stop worrying about both of my homes—Korea and America."

Builders worry that Trump's trade rules could drastically impact the market

Despite gains, a Brooklyn neighborhood can’t seem to shake its negative image in the press

The state government has approved a surcharge to reduce Midtown congestion and bolster the MTA. New Yorkers seem resigned to it.

Advocates fear it will lead to an inaccurate count and jeopardize needed funds and seats in government.