Columbia Student Group Protests Campus Rape

Columbia students peacefully protest campus rape on library steps.

A group of about ten students at Columbia University held a peaceful protest on the front steps of Lowe Library late Sunday night. The protest was led by No Red Tape Columbia, a student group that takes stands against sexual violence on campus. Protesters held banners reading, “Columbia protects rapists” while projecting similar slogans on the front of the library.

According to social media accounts, during the protest, a Columbia administrator, who did not identify herself, attempted to disband the protest by standing in front of the projector.

Sergeant Liles, a Columbia University Public Safety employee, confirmed that there was an administrator present, but did not know what actions the administrator took.

“I know it was a peaceful event, and it disbanded on its own,” he said. Liles said there was only one or two Columbia University Public Safety officers present at the event.

The protest falls on prospective student weekend, when accepted students tour campus before making a decision to enroll on May 1.


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