Giving Frida Kahlo Wings To Fly

A choreographer uses the artist’s paintings to inspire a new show

Mexican culture often slips into New York City through the legacy of the renowned painter Frida Kahlo, whose presence comes in forms as varied as cafe wall art, Halloween costumes, and replicas of her famous blue house, which was on exhibit in the Bronx at the The New York Botanical Garden in 2015.

And now: dance.

Born in 1907, Frida Kahlo was a Mexican-German painter whose work combined her deep appreciation and love for her Mexican culture, her communist political ideology, and the ongoing pain she suffered for years after a bus accident in her teens. 

The way her art reflected her personal life has prompted a new exhibit, “Frida Kahlo: Appearances Can Be Deceiving,” at the Brooklyn Museum, which intertwines personal artifacts from Kahlo’s life with her paintings. It is the largest U.S. Frida Kahlo exhibition in 10 years, ending May 12.  

It also inspired Daniel Flores, choreographer and director of the Daniel Flores Dance group. He is creating a show dedicated entirely to Frida Kahlo, “Alas Pa’ Volar” or “Wings To Fly.”

Frida Kahlo may have died 65 years ago, but her legacy lives on.


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