Pirouettes in the Pandemic

Online classes helped this 13-year-old keep up her love of ballet, but she's ready to go in person, even with a mask

By Tricia Crimmins and Kate Christobek

A paramount concern for parents and caregivers alike during the pandemic has been the well-being and ongoing development of their kids and teens. Many families experienced a major blow when in-person extra curricular activities were cancelled. Chiara Acosta, 13, lost in-person access to her favorite after school program and her passion: ballet. It also meant an end to seeing her friends and fellow ballet dancers weekly.

Acosta has been dancing at Long Island City School of Ballet, located in Queens, for the past 10 years. During the pandemic, she continued her passion for dance by taking Zoom classes offered by the studio. But now, she is overjoyed to be reunited with her classmates and instructors in-person again, even if it means dancing in masks.


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