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[caption id="attachment_22226" align="aligncenter" width="1200"] A staff member prepares items for pantry bags at Bread and Life's food pantry / Photo Courtesy of St. John's Bread and Life[/caption] On a normal day, the large and brightly lit cafeteria at St. John’s Bread and Life bustles with people, who sit at round tables and enjoy their freshly cooked meals. At breakfast, there might be scrambled eggs, bacon and pancakes, and at lunchtime, chicken and fries. But these are not normal days. Over the past few weeks, the only signs of life at the Brooklyn soup kitchen have been the dedicated staff members as

[gallery columns="1" size="full" ids="21589,21590,21591,21592,21593,21594,21595,21596,21597,21598"] Many building walls all over Brooklyn are covered by 40-foot advertisements or sleek glass floor-to-ceiling windows. But the borough is also a gallery for muralists, cultivating waves of activist artists who seek to represent the communities around them. Sunset Park in particular, with its diverse immigrant population and sizable industrial buildings, is one neighborhood that attracts this sort of large-scale communal art, much of it a commentary on pressing sociopolitical issues that afflict the community, including immigration. Immigrants have long faced social, political and legal challenges—and continue to do so. Last Monday, the Supreme Court ruled to greenlight President

Some people spend their Sundays in church, others like to unwind with a good book, but in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, a small group of artists are rolling up their sleeves, grabbing scalpels and cutting open a mischief of mice to learn the craft of taxidermy. Leading the course is Katie Innamoroto, 27, a woman whose curiosity and passion for wildlife led her to the study of preservation, natural history and inadvertently, a side job as a teacher. Innamoroto’s perfectionist nature and ethical practices have gained her tens of thousands of followers on social media and are shaping the emergence of a