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Toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and face masks have become the gold standard of commodities in the age of COVID-19. As people adjust to a new life spent indoors, even more items are becoming increasingly hard to find, flying off both supermarket shelves and disappearing from online stores. Many newly desired items are even experiencing major hikes in prices due to increased demand. In this space, NYCityLens will list the latest shortages, giving viewers an inside look at how many are choosing to spend their money on during "quaran-time." Visit us often, as this page will be updated weekly to reflect

[caption id="attachment_22259" align="aligncenter" width="1920"] Photo by Carolyn Booth from Pixabay[/caption] Tight embraces, hand holding, and intimate gatherings to celebrate a life well lived have always been standard practices in the funeral industry. But in the age of COVID-19, such ceremonial rituals can’t exist in tandem with social distancing protocol.   As the death toll nears 2,000 in New York State alone, the governor’s office instructed funeral directors to limit wakes and funeral gatherings to as few immediate family members as possible. All funerals must now be private.  On the frontlines of this pandemic is William “Bill” Villanova, a funeral director at Frank E. Campbell

In 1979, Kermit the Frog sang: “Someday we’ll find it The Rainbow Connection  The lovers, the dreamers, and me” In 2020 during the Coronavirus Pandemic, Brooklynites finally found it. All across Brooklyn, families are placing rainbow drawings and paintings in their windows, creating a makeshift I-Spy game for children in the neighborhood as social distancing becomes the new norm. [gallery ids="22121,22120,22119,22117,22116,22115,22118"] As cases of COVID-19 spread across the city, social distancing upended the normal playdate routines for many children in the borough, leaving families no choice but to find creative ways to engage their children and connect with other kids from a distance.  Marisa Migdal, a Brooklyn