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Some people spend their Sundays in church, others like to unwind with a good book, but in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, a small group of artists are rolling up their sleeves, grabbing scalpels and cutting open a mischief of mice to learn the craft of taxidermy. Leading the course is Katie Innamoroto, 27, a woman whose curiosity and passion for wildlife led her to the study of preservation, natural history and inadvertently, a side job as a teacher. Innamoroto’s perfectionist nature and ethical practices have gained her tens of thousands of followers on social media and are shaping the emergence of a

By Allison Lau, Alexandria Bordas, Zhiming Zhang Harlem has been locked in a battle against obesity and diabetes for years. In East Harlem alone, the 13th poorest of New York City’s 59 community districts, one in three adults are obese, which is the highest proportion of obese adults in all New York City neighborhoods. The childhood obesity rate is over 23 percent. The diabetic rates are equally as staggering – 18 percent of adults in East Harlem are diabetic, with most of the cases being type 2 and strongly associated with obesity. Heart disease, cancer and diabetes, all conditions related in part