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A young woman in Queens prays to la Santa Muerte, the Saint of Death. She is among thousands like her, Mexican immigrants in the

Veronica Gonzalez was a victim of domestic violence for over five years, but she's used her pain for poetry and music

A food enthusiast explores the tastiest and funkiest hidden places in the world’s borough of New York City

The dance was born in Harlem during the Great Depression, and that's where some residents are keeping it going.

Tacitus wins the Wood Memorial at the Aqueduct in Queens, and is now leading among Kentucky Derby contenders

From the foothills of the Himalayas to the skyscrapers of the city, Dawa Sherpa carries his Buddhist principles with him wherever he goes. On

Orchids are one of the oldest flowering plants on the planet, but due to the increasing threats to the environment they're starting to head

On Friday, a group of Sudanese Americans gathered outside the United Nations headquarters in New York, calling for U.N. condemnation of military rule, and

After Mayor de Blasio's public health emergency declaration, health care workers deal with worried residents

During the last three years, ever since Donald Trump became president, everything has changed.

In the city that never sleeps, a devoted collective of tailors, make-up artists, hatters, and papier-maché aficionados routinely works through the night to craft

A Jamaican-American woman wants to become a star in the Korean pop music industry. Can she make it as a foreigner?

Meet Melody Velez Ortega, the proud owner of MDV Custom Cakes, a special bakery in the Bronx

From a small office in New York, this organization recycles unused HIV medication to send to countries in need.

A choreographer uses the artist’s paintings to inspire a new show.

Where does your rose come from and how did it get here? The journey and business behind Valentine’s Day go-to flower, explained

An artist in Long Island is changing the way we look at trash

One non-profit takes a neighborhood approach, reaching out to youth twice a day, every day

After over a decade of training over 11,000 women in New York City in different gyms, she decided it was time to open her

An instructor who teaches beyond the textbooks.